Payment Accountant

Company Information
Công ty TNHH Strategic Marine (V) Công ty TNHH Strategic Marine (V) (tên viết tắt: SMV) là Doanh nghiệp 100% vốn đầu tư nước ngoài chuyên đóng mới, lắp ráp, thiết kế, sửa chữa các loại tàu thủy, phương tiện nổi theo quy định. Gia công cơ khí, chế tạo kết cấu thép phục vụ công nghiệp đóng tàu, dầu khí và các ngành công nghiệp cơ khí khác.
Job Information
Job Title
Payment Accountant
Job Description
Task Management/Quản lý nhiệm vụ/công việc:
•    Check due date on system to settle payment for domestic and oversea suppliers
•    Making payment order when receive requirement from other dept if urgent case.
•    Repair document which is requested to suitable with bank requirement
•    Follow up loan with bank such as contract, loan term and reconcile loan account ledger every month
•    Follow up account payable such as payable statement, due date and reconcile payable account ledgers every month
•    Reconcile receivable account ledgers
•    Arrange and keep all reports, contracts, data and files which is related to job responsibility
•    Follow up bank rules
•    Follow up open LC & BG 
People Management/Quản lý con người:
•    Done the job as requirement from direct manager 
•    To assisting other members in dept to improve their skill
Interpersonal Management/Quản lý sự kết nối:
•    Maintain a connecting with external department such as bank
•    Maintain a connecting and cooperation with internal department such as Hr dept, purchasing dept, store dept, admin dept and even in account dept
•    Maintain a connecting and deal with difficult suppliers 
Information Management/Quản lý thông tin:
•    Manage all data are related to job responsibility 
•    Record and keep file document are related to job responsibility
Personal Management/Quản lý bản thân:
•    Follow up company rule such as working on time, good attitude with internal and external dept
•    Identify individual strength and weakness to improve the weakness and try to getting more experience in strength
Job Requirment


Knowledge/Kiến thức:
•    Knowledge of Bank rules such as how to settle payment domestic and over sea condition
•    Knowledge of settle payment by L/C, T/T, D/P
•    Knowledge of Computer software 
•    Knowledge of Account software
•    Knowledge of Account rules
•    Knowledge of Company’s rules and regulations
•    Knowledge of Power Point
•    Knowledge of Microsoft outlook
Qualifications/ Bằng cấp:
•    University degree - major in accounting field 
Skills/Kỹ năng:
•    Communication
•    Listening & questioning
•    Cooperation with colleagues 
•    Have a good relationship with external department special bank
•    Effective telephone communication
Ability/Khả năng:
•    Willing to learn new things to improve experience
•    Adapt easily with company rules
•    Team work
•    Patient to explain with suppliers when they ask for payment if company in difficult case
•    Very good in communication with bank 
•    Good communication with other dept
Experience (if any)/Kinh nghiệm (nếu có):
•    2 years experience in Payment Accountant position


Contact Information: 

Trần Sơn Tùng: 0945435430; Email: 

Job Level
Operator/ Officer/ Technician
Job Category
Accounting/ Financial
Work place
Ba Ria-Vung Tau
Salary Range
350 - 500 USD
Deadline To Apply
Contact Information
Contact Person
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