Recruitment/ HR Search Service

We find Right Man for Right Job to help our Clients in the following Industries:

1. Oil and Gas ( Subsurface, Drilling, Field Development, Production, Operations and Maintenance)
2. Refinery/ Petrochemical
3. Power Generations
4. Construction Projects

Our Expertise are follow:

•  Sufficient HR Database, Strong links to resources of Engineers, Supervisors, Managers, Networking-relationship in limited specific Industries.
•  Most of our job-positions are ranging from medium to senior level
•  Our Team are experienced with many years in the field of Recruitment Service/ HR Search Service

Our search process:

Step 1. Understand the Client’s Needs – Job Description

• work closely with our Clients to clearly understand criteria of every position to be filled. Clear communication make us know detail of required Qualification and Experience of potential candidate.
•  Our professional team will work with you to develop a competitive market search specification that will attract the most suitable candidates. Developing a overviewed and detailed Job Description is vital to a successful recruitment.

Step 2. Candidate Search through our Premium Job Search website, HR Network and Sufficient HR Database

•  Our well understanding of your industry, company, competitors and marketplace will allow to quickly consult our client who are the potential candidates, where they are and how to attract them.
•  A network of relationships built over long years enables us to work closely with Candidate and assist them to get more understanding a bout our Client’s needs.  

Step 3. Resume Screening with placed criteria

•  Based on your Job Description ( required Qualification, Experience, key Duties ), VungtauJobs will identify and sort out the best potential candidates for position.

Step 4. Interview and Suggestion of the Most Suitable Candidates

•  Our Technical specialists and HR Executive shall perform the Interview on potential candidates on all facet of Job knowledge, Technical Skills, Certification, Experience, career objective and reference check... to short list the potential candidates. 

Step 5. Final Interview, Employment offer

•  Only qualified candidates are presented to the client for final interview.

A key basis of the search and selection is our experience, knowledge, and strong HR-networking. Our dedicated consultants will make sure that you get the right Man for the Right Job at a Right Time.