Frequently Asked Questions - For Jobseeker

Please follow these steps to sign up for a free account:

1. On home page, click Create new account in the upper right column.

2. Fill in the registration form. 

3. Click Check Availability and click Submit button.

4. After you have registed your account successfully, vungtaujobs will send an email with activation instructions to your registed email.


5. Check email, click the provided link to activate your account. In case, you don't find out any activation mail of vungtaujobs in your mail inbox, please check your spam or junk mail box.

To retrieve your password, please follow these steps:

1. From SignIn page, click Request new password

2. Fill in your registered email address and click Submit. You will receive an instruction email from us.


3. Open this email and click on the link provided.

4. A new page will open for you to enter your new password twice. Then click Save.


5. When the successful notice appears, your password has been changed successfully. You will receive a confirmation email from us with new login info.

Please follow these steps:

  • From home page, click Create Resume on the top navigation menu.
  • Sign in with your email login and password. After successfully activating your new account and log in, click on Create Resume on the main menu.
  • Choose a method to create a resume. The Step by Step method is recommended as it helps employers search your resume easily. If you wish to use a pre-typed resume in Word format, choose Copy & Paste.

Step by Step method:

On the homepage, sign in with your email login and password

Click on Create Resume on the top navigation menu, then choose Step by Step method

  • Step 1: Resume Information . First, you enter your resume title (the first thing that appears on your resume for employers' viewing). Then choose one of Privacy Status options: Searchable, Confidential or Non-searchable to decide how your resume will be viewed by employers.
  • Step 2: Personal Information . Fill in your Personal information and Contact information to help employers contact you easily: Address, Telephone Number, Email Address etc.
  • Step 3: Work Experience . You are required to enter your total Years of experience and all required information. This information is important to help employers easily search for candidates who meet their specific requirements, e.g. "A candidate who has 5 years of total work experience" .
  • Step 4: Education . Select your Education level from the drop-down box and provide related education information.
  • Step 5: Target job . Provide details of the type of job you want such as desired job title/level, desired salary and work location etc.
  • Step 6: Skills . Select your skills out of the drop down box such as Language, Technical and Non-Technical skills. If your skills are not listed in Technical or Non-Technical skills, please type other skills.
  • Step 7: Reference . Enter contact information of your reference, i.e your former boss. Specify your relationship with the reference.

Preview my resume : You can preview and edit your resume as you want. You can also use Printable version to keep a hard copy. Once your complete reviewing your resume, click Finish.

Copy & Paste method:

On the homepage, sign in with your email and password

Click on Create Resume on the top navigation menu, then choose Cut & Paste method, and follow these steps:

Step 1: Cut & Paste . Type your Resume title, then choose one of Privacy Status options. Please note that you should remove your company name, reference, phone number if you want to keep confidential.

Step 2: Classified resume . You provide your email contact and share your desired job information.

Step 3: Preview . You can preview and edit your resume as you want. To keep a hard copy, you can use Printable Version. Once your complete reviewing your resume, click Finish

Resume title helps job seekers differentiate their resumes in case they have more than one resume (maximum three are allowed) posted on site.
You can consider some titles like "Experienced Piping Engineer who desires to work in Engineering Field for Operator", "Experienced Contract Officer looking for opportunity in Vung Tau", etc. It would be better than you simplely typing "My Resume", "Apply for a job" etc. or anything of the sort.

After you finish posting the resume, make sure that you are prompted to the Thank You page stating that the task is successful. Within 01 working days, your resume will be reviewed by Vungtaujobs consultants. We reserve the right to approve or decline the resume with notice to the sender.

You can always sign in the website to view or check status of your resume by following the steps below:

  • From home page, click My Job Center button on the main menu.
  • Sign in with your email address and password.
  • Go to  My Resume section.
  • In resume list, you can view status, change search ability, or perform view/edit/delete actions.
  • Go to Search Job  on the top navigation menu of the site home page. In the Quick Search page, type one or more keywords of your target jobs, then click Search button. You can also select a certain category and location to refine your search results.
  • To view details of a job listed in search result, click on the job title. If you want to contact employers or apply, please sign in with your registered email address and password.